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Female 71 ,recuperating after long hospitalisation told to find alternative accomadation and the sooner the better.Offered to smoke a joint

Posted: Mon Nov 7, 2022 10:25pm
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Having spent 28 nights in a house while waiting to relocate to Apartment. belonging to the homeowner, Never knew if the homeowner was home. As I think she had come to the end of the season for her work. Never told me that I was to stay in her Mother's bedroom as her Mother lives else where. A clothes rack was provided with 5 hangers.No access to any drawers to store very addictive drugs which are held in a safe inside another safe at a pharmacy,Passport, and debit cards. blue card and jewellery were left in the luggage under bed. Woken the first night by a man's shouting voice. thought I was having a bad dream but it continued and I was like a frightened child under bedclothes thinking he was going to come into my room. Spent the week fairly quiet because i was made aware that a 30yr old man who worked in a bar sometimes came home drunk. He didn't know I was in house.I was invited to her party, my dreaded nightmare, wanting to be polite and having always worked with people I am comfortable with strangers. I did, not want to be there being the oldest swinger in town. To my horror, I was asked to share a joint. when most had dwindled home. Irish are well known for parties but this was another nightmare, Nobody knew each other except family..No music, no dancing,Occupied myself by clearing tables and taking the trash out to the dumpster and I was happy..I am a retired nurse and don't like to see plates piled up with used serviettes piled on them. We are just after an horrendous pandemic so on account of it and my age even more extra careful. saw no hand washing after handling raw food, or after using the bathroom..Only 2 bathrooms and about 30 guests..Was constantly reminded to turn off switches,to be mindful  of water consumption. The shower tray was always filled with clumps of black hair,i wasn't having a shower, I boiled a kettle A.M.and P.M.to wash as there wasn't hot water, black hair in the microwave, oven, everywhere.I am fair and got a wash and blow weekly and my hair is very short, fine and thin..Finally got to the apartment on 31st Oct our biggest holiday apartment from Xmas and Easter for children and adults. Was so looking forward to seeing my 3 yr old granddaughter, and 5,7 and 10 yr old grandsons dressed up, bobbing apples, who got the ring in the Barmbrack. .To my horror studio was filthy. got a taxi to Modello and bought every cleaning fluid i could find, Bought throws for armchairs..Plants and containers, composite to plant the following day., Saved every drop of water for my plants.,so i am not told i am using water. Double bed size thick blanket for the floor,and little mats to wioe my feet entering..Bought a radio, extension leads plug adapters, light bulbs and a dehumidifier. Used condoms were found in 1 bedside locker, and earplugs and men's deodorant in another..Now I was really pumping oil and I really got into the swing of things moving like Grease lightning to Kiss FM. it took my mind off my Grandbabies, Decided it was so late and i had realised i had, not fed the cats, following tragedy for the next episode. Drew curtains, curry sauce or something up the curtains,, and the bottom of curtains looked like they had been dropped in some kind of brown water..The following day phoned the landlady and demanded internet, I had to call doc to get Tetanus.A Neighbour helped me make the call and Doc came out..Tuesday landlady called and I was sitting talking to Doc in his car, he had forgotten his glasses. She came the next day and told me to get alternative accommodation. She did me a favour, she told me I was a troublemaker,i walked into the bathroom as i said i did not want a confrontation..Of course, this made her lose her head, this woman is 49yrs old..NOW TO ASK FOR ADVICE, I have asked her 4 times how much refund will I get., I had transferred 1,000e from my bank to her post office account and she said it had not arrived on the day I arrived so the following morning first thing I gave her 950e. Conveniently the money arrived the following day, I said to hold onto the 950e so I would wait till she said rent is due now.I planned to stay 3 yrs..I leave on Thursday, I have told her I am writing to you to tell you my experience and for her to give her experience am i entitled to ask the local Police to just see me out of the apartment.I am just so nervous of her.If a fly landed on me it would knock me over i am so frail.PLEASE SOME ONE ADVISE ME.Thank you so much if you have taken time to read this plea..I have secured accommodation.

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